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The Black Velvet Flag Game

In 1995,the band Black Velvet Flag, who appeared in the documentary, The Rise and Fall of Black Velvet Flag, decided to make a second album. Still enjoying their celebrated New York fame, the challenge the band faced was deciding what to do next. The first album was a satiric twist on punk through the filter of cool jazz and lounge music. The album got them a tour and a selection by Rolling Stone Magazine, "Best Unsigned Band - 1994". Their second album tried to reach for more hardcore punk and heavy metal ironies. The album never made it to the public. The band members didn't agree on the point of the new album - more accomplished musicality versus continuing the punk ethos (highlighting the contradictions of cultural resistance to bourgeois consumption).

In the process of preparing the album, Jeff Musser (bass player) and I had an idea to create a game to include on the musical CD. We designed a version of the board game Life - a dice throw through cycles of 1980's youth culture. Originally coded in Macromedia Director and Lingo by Greg Wadsworth in 1995. In 2008, I recoded the game from scratch into Actionscript and Flash. It was quite a fun task.

To play the game, you move from one indulgent and risky choice to the next. No use living a boring life, less you end up in jail, or take too few chances. If you are too conservative, you just might retire your cowardly old bones in suburbia. Throw the dice and get a life: play the Black Velvet Flag Game!

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