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Gerardo Hernández
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Hanging out on the Malecón
Rider, Daniel and the Quiet One
Jorge plays trombone by the sea
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Synopsis: A travel diary on Cuban civic architecture describes the relationships between the filmmaker and his Havana subjects. With a nostalgic camera, they make a portrait with the malecón of Havana, Cuba and with each other. This 7 kilometer sea wall that faces the ocean is an urban sofa where everything one does on a sofa is done in public, beside the sea, beneath the sky. Credits: Appearing: Clarissa Martinez, Gerardo Hernández, Daniel, Rider, Jorge, Lazaro.Editor:Orland Conde Barros, Cinematography: Roberto Arávalo, Music: Maria Letona, Rene Touzet Sound Editing and Mix: Jeff Wilson
Screenings: Oaxaca Int'l Independent Film & Video Festival, Cinesol (Texas), Boston Latino Int'l Film Festival, Chagrin Falls Documentary Film Festival, Miami Documentary Film Festival, Winner Best Local Filmmaker - Atlanta International DocFest Year of Release: 2011
Genre: Documentary/Architecture
Length: 52 minutes