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Sheldon Schiffer examines a photo
Aunt Martha, Grandma Rosa and Arianna
Anastasio Samoza Sr.
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Synopsis: An intimate portrait of the filmmaker's Central American family. The macho traditions of his grandfather weave with childhood memories and family stories to reveal how extreme expressions of male identity can cost a man the love of his family and create a legacy of secret pain for future generations to discover. Credits: Appearing: Rosa Morales, Adam Morales, Ariana Schiffer, Marth Hight, Sheldon Schiffer Director/Editor/Producer: Sheldon Schiffer Cinematographers: Molly Strange, Fabian Wagmister Original Music: Armando Torres Arellano
Screenings: Aired on PBS program P.O.V. (Season 7) June 1994, 2nd Place Best Documentary South Beach Film Festival (Miami), San Francisco Latino Film Festival, Margaret Mead Film Festival, Chicago Latino Film Festival, San Antonio Latino Film Festival Year of Release: 1994
Genre: Documentary/Latino Studies
Length: 52 minutes
Distributor: The Cinema Guild