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Alex Wood and Dennis Hughes
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Tanisha Flowers
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Alex Wood
Tanisha Flowers and Dennis Hughes
Synopsis: Stranded in the rural South, a black-woman poet, finds herself caught in a struggle for personal justice between an Orthodox Jew and a native-born white Southerner. Her journey to find her way out inspires a poem, Comeuppance, that soothes her nightmarish memory and offers another way of resolving conflicting ideas of divinely inspired justice. Credits: Appearing: Tansish Flowers, Dennis Hughes, Alex Wood, Director and Producer: Sheldon Schiffer, Cinematographer: Alex Taylor, Editors: Greg Breyton, Orlando Conde Barros
Screenings: San Francisco Black Film Festival, Independent Black Film Festival Atlanta, Decatur Film Festival - Winner Jury Prize, Dallas International Video Festival, Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival, Santa Barbara African Heritage Film Series, Urban Literary Film Festival, Black Family Channel Year of Release: 2003
Genre: Fiction/Drama
Length: 28 minutes