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Fred Stesney sings
Album cover Come Recline
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Fred Stesney plays guitar
Jeff Musser plays maracas
Jeff Musser, Fred Stesny & Jason Zasky flip a bird
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Synopsis: Three quirky young men desire to make a mark in the world of music, while hanging on to remaining simply middle-class. The music of Black Velvet Flag mocked their audience's craving for the nostalgia of punk. But the band resisted conformity while showing us how ex-Punks in a lounge band reconciled the contradictions of their lives, and their generation. Credits: Appearing: Fred Stesney, Jason Zasky, Jeff Musser Directed & Cinematography: Sheldon Schiffer Editors: Greg Breyton, Orlando Conde Barros
Screenings: San Francisco Indie Film Festival, University Film & Video Association Year of Release: 2003
Genre: Documentary/Popular Music
Length: 58 minutes
Distributor: The Cinema Guild