Andrew Treglia
Raised in the steely town of Pittsburg, Treglia learned his acting craft in Atlanta and will appear in one other feature film soon to be released (The Atlantan). He has appeared in numerous commercials and has directed short films. Treglia now resides in Los Angeles where he continues his career as an actor and director.
Fernanda Nice Sant'ana
A former member of the Cuiabá based theater group, Teatro Furia (Theater of Rage), Sant'ana developed her acting craft in the workshops of Cuiabá. Sant'ana continues her work as a writer, actor and environmental activist.

Giovanni Araújo
A resident of Chapadas dos Guimarães in Brazil and a member of Teatro Furia (Theater of Rage) for more than ten years, Ararújo has appeared in numerous Brazilian films (The Eight Color of the Rainbow, After the Fall) and plays (Frederica, Shakespeare in a Box) and television programs.
Pericles Anarcos
A founding member of Teatro Furia and a resident of Cuiabá, Anarcos is a prolific playwright (Nepal, Apartament 501, Shakespeare in a Box) and actor and has appeared in several Brazilian films (The Bad Man Sleeps Well, Based on a True Story) and his own plays that have toured throughout Brazil. Anarcos resides in Mato Grosso, Brazil when he is not on the road with Teatro Furia.
Caio Mattoso
Mattoso is both a comic and tragic actor, and and an accomplished guitarist. He has appeared over the last ten years in the plays of Teatro Furia (Frederica, Shakespeare in a Box) and in Bruno Bini's film After the Fall with Giovanni Araújo. Mattoso lives in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil.
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